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08-Oct-2017 06:40

And the Cyclones planned another Seinfeld night for summer 2015, packed with still more references: Kramer’s Technicolor Dreamcoat jerseys, a muffin-top-popping competition, a trash-eating competition . Seinfeld created more ways to do that, more portals between its fictional world and reality, than the average show.Knowing Elaine’s dance, or the Keith Hernandez joke, or the “master of my domain” joke, is like knowing a secret password—a very widely known secret password—among the show’s fans.And they’d run out of wristbands, so she gave him a stick-on name tag that said JERRY. Surely there would be hundreds of fake Jerrys out on that field after the game.Then again, the boundaries between “real” and “fake” had dissolved long before this incident.-themed night, with the players wearing puffy shirt–style jerseys. Like those who filled the Cyclones’ stadium in 2014, every fan thinks he or she is the biggest acolytes share an urge to express their fandom in some grand, public way; specifically, to interact in real life with the fictional world it created.In fact, almost from the beginning, Seinfeld has generated a special dimension of existence, somewhere between the show itself and real life, that I’ve come to call “Seinfeldia.”It is a place that the show’s creators, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, constructed themselves, even if they didn’t realize it at the time, when they blurred the boundaries between their fictions and reality like no show before the “show about nothing” that Jerry and his friend George pitch to fictional NBC executives in the show’s fourth season?) Seinfeldia is a place that now carries on, as vital as ever, without its original architects, thanks to incessant syndicated reruns that continue to gain new generations of fans and a religious fan base bent on ritually resurrecting the show’s touchstone moments via cocktail-party quote recitations.Among the many who threw out “first” pitches: an importer/exporter, postal workers, architects, a latex salesman, and a New York resident named George Costanza.If you do not understand why this procession of individuals was chosen, you did not belong at this game.

Never mind that this show went off the air sixteen years earlier.Several puffy shirts of the kind Jerry once reluctantly wore appeared throughout the crowd, and on the team’s seagull mascot. Fans preferred talking with one another to watching the increasingly horrific game.Emily Donati, who had traveled nearly a hundred miles from Philadelphia to be there, had VANDELAY INDUSTRIES business cards printed up, with the fake e-mail address [email protected] the tagline . By the fifth inning (score: 16–0), they were mostly concerned about how much longer they’d have to wait before the end of the game so they could participate in the promised postgame extravaganza: Every fan who wished to could run the bases, and people named Jerry got to go first. He’d gone to get a wristband that would allow him to the front of the line, but the woman hadn’t even asked him for an ID.has continued to survive in the most exciting—and precarious—time in television since the medium’s invention.

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By now, the show has been off the air almost twice as long as it was on the air, and yet it lives on like no other television series.

They could, in fact, be all of them in the same day.

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