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22-Sep-2017 20:28

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As far as saying nice things go, that’s pretty self-explanatory. When the Spice Girls told this to baby gay KC Danger over ten years ago, I had no idea how relevant this would be. I mean, some girls are this lucky, but most probably aren’t. Come on bros, just by being out you’re fighting the good fight and resisting the patriarchy etc. Don’t take this risk, you may end up committing an interrobang!Your friends know you more than you give them credit for, and they’re always (usually? I never called this one girl back because she had a really boring name, and I thought that if things worked out, it would look dumb to have her listed on my Facebook profile.I know I just told you to do this, but now I’m going to tell you not to.Subtlety is good, but not to the point where a girl has no idea you’re interested in her.There was legitimately a point last year where I thought it might be hilarious to carry around this business card: I then, for some reason, thought it would be just as good (if not better! I never went through with using it for either of these purposes, which is good because that shit is tacky.Handing out a business card with a silhouette of a sexy lady probably hasn’t been a problem for most of you, but what I’m trying to say is keep it fun.My point is that if you’re interested, you’re interested, and if you’re not, then you’re not.No big deal, just make sure you’re not making excuses so that you don’t have to call back when you say you will.

Have fun, be fun, you’re fun, you look great in that shirt!As easily as you can be considered confident and outgoing, you can also be considered totally cray-cray.These moves are short-term attention-grabbers, not an ongoing way of interaction. Because I want you, right now.” Don’t use these, everyone knows they’re lines!Flirt, be a little suggestive, tell her she’s cute–there’s no one who doesn’t like being told that they’re attractive.

Last year I was running the first meeting of my school’s Queer Women’s Advocacy Committee, and a girl walked in late.We were going around the room introducing ourselves and saying why we were interested in the organization.

After conducting her business she sent me copies of her receipt, ownership and lab report.… continue reading »

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'When a non-black reads 'Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn' we have been taught, and I believe rightly so, not to skip over any of the offensive epithets because they are the words of the author and not your own,' the comment read.'If anyone is to blame here it should be the artists of these songs, helping desensitize the term on a national scale as America's most popular genre of music.'The university held a forum this week to address the controversial matter, according to a local NH1 report.… continue reading »

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play is so far the only smartphone designed for playing games.… continue reading »

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Recall that when we created the Table Adapters in the DAL in our first tutorial, Visual Studio automatically added methods for inserting, updating, and deleting data from the underlying database table.… continue reading »

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