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In a movie, whenever a bottle of the ‘really good stuff’ is called for, it would likely be a bottle of whisky.

Probably rare and exorbitantly expensive, and someone will probably remark on its age.

Perhaps one day you might find yourself unusually sharply dressed, in an establishment full of warm mahogany and rich leather.

You could approach the bar, and confidently order a 30-year single malt.

If you are up for a rich, complex, sophisticated drink rooted in history and tradition, and a palate that you are willing to mature, then perhaps scotch whisky is for you.

And besides, partaking in a bit of snobbery can be fun.

Single malts still maintain their air of superiority, however.

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These stylized collectables stand 3 inches tall, perfect for any Beauty & The Beast Live Action fan!

1823 saw the passing of the Excise Act, which made fully above-board distilleries a more attractive option, and ushered in the whisky industry that we know today.

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