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14-Dec-2017 13:50

And if that isn't exciting enough, the episode she's joins them for is particularly bananas--featuing Nephrite's evil scheme to impersonate Tuxedo Mask and break hearts! Episode 019 - Usagi's Dating Tips Man-oh-man, this may just be the strangest episode of Sailor Moon ever created. Listen along and learn how to put love in Sailor V's hips!

The scouts are on summer break and decide to take a taining trip to the beach! Episode 021 - Limited Edition Magic Pencil We've discussed this episode a few times before on the show, but now it's finally here--the notorious Princess's Ball episode.

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After months of discussing her works, Jordan and Chris are finally joined by the author of the Sailor Moon novelizations, Lianne Sentar of Sparkler Monthly! Don't worry, Lianne Sentar of Sparkler Monthly and writer of the Sailor Moon english novelizations is here to help Jordan and Chris make sense of this mess! That's right--it's an anime about making anime, and Chris and Jordan brought in animator Brianne Drouhard to watch it with them!Devon White (Jordan's wife) as we discuss the singular Moon/Mercury buddy scout episode of the series! Will it be adventure on the seas or cruise blues when the Sailor Scouts actually do some sailing? This time, Donna Dickens from Hitfix joins Jordan and Chris to horrify them with true stories of teenaged girls' behavior. Episode 012 - Don't Get On the Sex Boat Oh man--this is a big one!