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It is a wise move to contact Broken Rites first, for advice about options for obtaining justice.

Here are some examples of criminal cases, researched by Broken Rites Australia (since 1993), involving Catholic priests and religious brothers.

This list is confined to cases in which victims were supported by For civil out-of-court cases, see Section B, below.

And Sections A and B are confined to priests and religious brothers (including trainees).

For lay teachers in church schools, see some examples in Section F, at the bottom of this page.

Cronan the copy of the Four Gospels now in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, for which Tatheus O'Carroll, chieftain of Ely, made a costly shrine in the twelfth century.

The above lists (Sections A to C) on this website all relate to priests or religious brothers, as distinct from lay teachers.

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